After almost 6 months of waiting we are finally releasing the Rebel-47! We have stock piled a good number of 47 rifles waiting for final assembly. 

We have made some small changes to our pictured Rebel-47 Elite. We have changed our rail system slightly by adding an inch of rail and taking pic rails off the sides, switched over to a combo block standard and we are using a pinned and welded 14.5" barrel with Griffin Armament Taper Mount Stealth Flash Hiders, see all other components below. (ALG trigger, flash hider, 10.5" rail, Krebs safety, combo block)

We have a limited quantity of these rifles, and will finish assembly as orders are received. You will be able to pick your Cerakote colors just as you would on our AR-15 line. This of course will take some time, so expect 30 to 60 day delivery. 

You will be able to pick custom camos from Weapon Works LLC at time of purchase if desired. (Rebel Bronze Multicam pictured above). If you have any questions please send over an e-mail

To see the Rebel-47 and Tony Sentmanat in action click HERE.


                     Again Thank You for your patience!


                                      TEAM REBEL