The clear answer to the perfect AR-15 platform is here, not redesigned, not new to the market, plain and simply brought to you with new value and respect. We at Rebel Arms, Primary Weapon Systems and Bootleg Inc. have worked hard to bring you the finest DI rifle system in the world, renamed, rethought and redefined. After many months of development Rebel Arms corp in collaboration with PWS® introduces the Rebel RBR-15 mod 3 and variants. This rifle is fully ambidextrous and has multiple different patented technologies. Rebel Arms is very proud to be the exclusive source for this rifle, and for the first time are offering this ground breaking weapon in multiple configurations and color options. To find out more visit

Ambidextrous Controls

On our MOD 3 rifles and pistols we’ve added ambidextrous controls for the safety selectors, bolt release, and mag release to enhance the ease of use.

Lighter & Stronger 

Our new MOD 3 upper and lower receivers are now forged, allowing for a stronger and lighter product.

A common known fact that has been lost through the marketing efforts of many AR-15 manufacturers is that a forging can produce a piece that is much stronger than a billet part.

As the metal is shaped during the forging process, its internal grain aligns to follow the general shape of the part. As a result, the grain is continuous throughout the part, giving rise to a part that is stronger, yet lighter, than a billet part.

Furniture & Magazine

Every MOD 3 rifle comes complete with a Magpul MOE grip & Magpul MOE SL-K stock, as well as a Magpul PMAG GEN M3 Magazine.

The New Buffer Tube

The new PWS EBT is impact extruded from 7075 to enhance strength and rigidity, and anodized in mil-spec type 3 to exceed standards in hardness and corrosion protection.

We’ve added the new Ratchet-Lock Design to eliminate the need to stake the castle nut, and gives a rock solid lock up while being able to be removed easily if needed in the future.

PicMod™ Technology

Extruded from 6061 aluminum with mil spec hard anodizing, the PicMod™ hand guard is our rail that allows for better customization and makes it easier to attach accessories to your rail. 

It features a full length mil-spec Picatinny top rail, and Bravo Company (BCM) KeyMod rail mounting system to allow for an easy and strong installation.